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Our Story

As time has gone by, the places we live have changed, so has the style of homes and the way we decorate them. When our parents first came abroad, the beautiful religious art created by artists in India travelled with them. They were hung on our walls, we would see them everyday, but decades later, these works of art are now found in basements, garages or crawlspaces in our homes. It's not that we have lost our attachment to the roots we hold so dear, but it is sad to see the colours fade and works of art that no longer look like the masterpiece it once was.

This is why we created Studio Dove. We wanted to create an online shop that delivers quality, meaningful products that people would be proud to put in their homes around the world. We strive to create works of art that bring beautiful messages in front of our eyes. Something that our children will be surrounded by growing up, ask questions about and learn the message that has travelled with us no matter where in the world we are. 

Today, Studio Dove products can be found in Canada, USA, Australia, United Kingdom, Germany, New Zealand and even India. Ordering online ensures that our products can reach your door no matter where you reside. 

When you purchase a Studio Dove original piece, you can feel confident knowing that that we use high quality, ethically sourced materials. All designs are made in house, proof read hundreds of times and triple checked for quality.

We stand by our satisfaction guarantee and want to ensure that every work of art that we ship finds a place in your home. If there are any issues with your order, our team is here to help and ensure that you are completely satisfied with your purchase.

~ The Studio Dove Team 🕊️