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Perfect Holiday Gifts For Your Loved Ones 🎁❤️

Perfect Holiday Gifts For Your Loved Ones 🎁❤️

Finding gifts for loved ones during the holidays is not always an easy task. Giving a meaningful gift that reflects the love and happiness we feel for friends and family is something we all want to do, but most of the time we go with gift cards or the card and money option. Here are a couple meaningful gifts that you can gift your loved ones:

Mool Mantar Lamp

 The Mool Mantar Lamp is a unique, original piece by Studio Dove and our most popular gift. The Mool Mantar shines on the acrylic arch with a warm gold light which comes from the wood base.

It's a perfect gift for Sikh parents and grandparents, but its versatility allows it to be a great gift for pretty much any occasion. You can use the Mool Mantar Lamp in nurseries, workspaces, new homes and much more.

Nirbhau Nirvair Necklace Set

 This necklace set is a very unique gift. Unlike most stacked necklaces, this comes with two separate chains which are both adjustable by 2-inches. They can be worn and stacked together or worn separately by two people. It is a great husband-wife gift, share it with your grandparents, with best friends and siblings!

One of the chains reads Nirbhau (without fear) and the second reads Nirvair (without hate) as found in the Mool Mantar.

 All products ship from Canada and can be shipped worldwide. We hope you found this gift guide helpful, if you have any questions, please don't hesitate to contact us at

 The Studio Dove Team 🕊️