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I only received part of my order?

If you have received only a part of your order, no need to panic! As Studio Dove is growing as a brand we are using two different warehouse facilities to ship orders. Our lamps and jewelry are shipped from our warehouse in Canada while our prints, canvas and wall art products are shipped from our facility in USA. 

If your order contains multiple items it is very likely that your items will arrive at different times, but rest assured you can reach out to our customer service team if you have any questions or concerns.

What material are your products made of? 
Each 3D LED lamp is laser engraved to perfection on a thick 5 mm clear acrylic. The base is made of beech wood. It is a combination of art and technology that creates this beautiful peice. 
What currency are your products listed in? 
Our products are listed in USD. As much as we would love to charge in our home currency (CAD), our banking institution mandates we charge in USD for transaction fluency. 
Do you ship internationally?
Yes! We are happy to ship worldwide. 
What if I want to send my order to someone as a gift? 
Orders are not shipped with any documentation of monetary value, so gift recipients don't see the cost of goods. 
Why is my parcel delayed in transit?
Postal systems are experiencing many delays amid the global pandemic. We appreciate your patience & understanding as we all work together to get you your parcels as quickly as possible.